Tranzn Bio:
Born and raised in Montreal,
Tranzn's interest in music
began as a young child,listening falling
asleep to the loud parties
held by his parents.
There would be many folks
engaged in jam sessions
with improvised instruments,
including a washtub bass.
There was also a player piano
which he was intrigued by.
Later on around the age of 14
He had his own solo "garage" band,
Which consisted of a Minimoog,
improvised drum kit and acoustic guitar.
He would record on a mono
speech Tape recorder.
The results were primitive
at best, but yet inspiring.
In the late 1970's�
Tranzn could be seen
making the rounds of Music
stores playing on the new
synthesizers with names like:
Arp, Synclavier, Fairlight,
Kurzweil and Oberheim.
Also during this time Tranzn
could be found at most
rock concerts featuring
bands that have since
become legendary.
Later in the "80's
Tranzn would attend
Concordia University,
where He got involved
at C.R.S.G. the school's
campus radio station.
There He would host a
radio show offering the
latest in Alternative music,
and Producing commercials.
Electronic sound was in it's
infancy and Tranzn was there.
In the 90"s there were spurts
of musical creativity mostly
limited to when He would
rent a keyboard and record.
The majority of this time was
spent learning about computers.
This would come in handy as
Music and Computers merged .
In April 2000, after spending
some time living in Israel,
Tranzn's mother passed on,
and He returned to Montreal.
There He would build a home studio.
With two PC's, an electric
guitar and a Korg Triton ProX ,
He would spend the next two years
learning music related software
and composing� new material.
It was also when He started
adding visuals to his music.
By the year 2005, Tranzn
started to DJ with His music.
He has since played at several
events, clubs and parties.
His specialties include
Soundtrack and Trance.
Tranzn is currently looking
to produce music for film/TV projects.

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